CAVIA &BAKSTEEN is a collaboration between Tessa de Rijk and Maaike Schmeets. The met each other on the HKU. They love to experiment with materials and designs. It’s not about the function, it’s about the emotion and search.

CHAIR    ‘Mean Active’
This chair is designed with the idea to not use screws. With the result we want an optimal use of the material. First we made a model in cardboard. The final model is made of chipboard, without any addition of other materials.
November 2011

Once a year, the HKU organizes the HKU Living room concerts & Exhibition, an annual event to show the works from the different currents of the HKU. We are prompted to design and to realize a product in the time frame of two weeks. As a starting point we wanted to put two extremes to face each other: the fragile porcelain against the hard concrete. The molds of latex proved too vulnerable and after one and a half weeks we decided to work out a different idea. In the final idea we searched the contrast between wood and concrete.  We exhibited the complete process from tableware to chopping board.
March 2012