Sketch by Nina

The FRAMA kitchen is in short words a conceptual kitchen that can reflect and fit in a creative home and/or company. But actually the kitchen concept is also a statement and manifest made by FRAMA and the people involved. With little knowledge about kitchens and minimal budgets we wanted to create a “pilot solution” and a approach we could reflect ourselves in and that also could fit in natural with the FRAMA STUDIO house environment.

The atmosphere in the FRAMA STUDIO has a un-finished approach where a lot of surfaces stands out more rough than normal and many of the solutions are not standard finishes.

A tendency in the design industry is to produced everything way to well and in  and in materials that does not come to life when used.

With the FRAMA KITCHEN we feel that the choice of materials, compositions and design structure gives the client a feeling and experience that a kitchen can look less kitchen looking and more like a piece of furniture! The idea was to diversify from a traditional kitchens you see on the market. Both in materials and compositions. We like  for instance when houses are not divided or separated in clearly different zones, where especially you compromise on a AE level.

Why cant for instance a bathroom not be more casual and cozy but still fulfill the needs of a bathroom? The same can be said about the kitchen and how we create the feeling and the room of the “kitchen” area.

We think its great when the architecture and interior solutions melt together and not differs just because you are entering another “activity” zone in the house.


Nina Guldager


Niels Strøyer Christophersen
Emil Krøyer
Maaike Schmeets


Stubborn Lindberg
 July 2013