WATER TOWER  “Place for design”

The water tower to the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht stands as a landmark in the area. The water tower belongs to the monumental heritage of the Netherlands. This makes it extremely difficult to give the water tower a new function. And yet he is unnecessary. My intention of this assignment was to see if it was possible to give the water tower a new function while taking the monumental frameworks into account.
For many young designers in the Netherlands it is difficult to find a place to start their own business. In my design for this water tower I have created four workspaces. On the ground floor is an exhibition space, the neighborhood can see what has been designed. At the top of the tower is a shared canteen. There is a useful water tower created, one of inspiration and solidarity.
The stairs in the water tower are the basis of the design; these provide a second level on each floor. The designers can walk at another level at the same floor as the designers in their workspaces. This gives an insight into each other’s activities, without disturbing each other.
Under the stairs is place for storage and the elevator ensures good accessibility of each floor.

March 2012 WaterTower